Subsequently you find the program of the UMD19.

Wednesday, November 13th



Dr.-Ing. Bernd Stary, CEO & Founder of academus GmbH, Berlin – GERMANY

Timon Rupp, CEO & Founder of The Drivery, Berlin – GERMANY


Parade of Cities (various Cities from different Continents)

Cities characterizing their

  • city’s mobility (culture, status)
  • mobility challenges in the city
  • basic ideas to improve the city’s mobility
  • vision for city’s mobility in 10 years, 20 years, …


Lunch, Talk & Exhibition


World Café – Casual Discussions about the topics of the UMD


Coffee, Talk & Exhibition


Doing Together to Provide a Greater Value: Smart Cities and Smart Mobility

Stéphane Barbier, CDO TRANSPOLIS, Lyon – FRANCE


Human- and Society-Centered Mobility Systems for Attractive Cities

Prof. Dr. Meike Jipp, Head of “Human Factors” Department at German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Braunschweig – GERMANY


City’s Panel

Dr. Bernd Stary, Founder & CEO academus GmbH, Berlin – GERMANY


Drinks & Talks


Evening Guest Lecture:

The Biology of Mobility

Dr. Arndt Pechstein, Agile Coach | Management Consultant | Business Culture Catalyst, Berlin – GERMANY


Prosecco Reception

Thursday, November 14th


Session Day I

  • Investment Climate
  • Legal Background
  • E-Mobility and Fuel Choices
  • E-Charging Infrastructue
  • Autonomous Driving

Leveraging the power of procurement and international networks to transform sustainable urban mobility

Gabriella Gyori, Consultant for Mobility Change Processes, Berlin – GERMANY

Investments in Urban Mobility Infrastructure

Manfred Kupka, Managing Director at BRICs Real Estate Advisor, Hamburg – GERMANY

Digitizing Public Transport is the First Step towards a Sustainable Multimodal Urban Mobility System

Dr. Florian Krummheuer, Mobility Inside, Berlin- GERMANY


Coffee, Talk & Exhibition


How a Design First Approach in Mass Mobility Will Help Solve Data Ownership and GDPR Issues

Jonne Kuyt, Partner/Director of Design Driven Innovation at edenspieckermann, Amsterdam – THE NETHERLANDS


Charging Infrasructure: Well-positioned in Berlin

Jörg Welke, Project Manager Innovation at eMo (Berlin Agency for Electromobility), Berlin – GERMANY


Batterie Swapping Station with SCS Hub: The Solution for E-Charging Problems

Prof. Dr. Dieter Flämig, CEO INFRAMobility-Dianba GmbH, Berlin – GERMANY


Panel Discussion: Autonomous Driving

Bernd Stary, Founder and CEO of academus GmbH, Berlin – GERMANY


Introduction to the afternoon Dialogue Sessions

Robert Knight, Career Transition and Leadership Development Coach, UNITED STATES/GERMANY


Lunch, Talk & Exhibition


Dialogue Sessions (partly parallel, 90 min. each):

Moderated sessions discussing main problems, hurdles and barriers to overcome, possible and/or successful solutions and experiences about:

  • E-Charging Infrastructure
  • Asian Major’s Forum & African Cities Session
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Investment Climate for large Infrastructural Projects


Coffee, Talk & Exhibition


Excursion: Leave for the Battery Swapping Station


Experiencing the Battery Swapping Station


Leave for the Tourboat Trip from Battery Swapping Station


UMD Evening Dinner

The Evening Dinner will be served on the Tourboat that starts at 06:00 pm from “Westhafen Berlin”

Friday, November 15th


Session Day II

  • Urban Planning
  • Micro-Mobility
  • MaaS & Traffic Management
  • Mobility Culture & Mobility Solutions
  • Project Governance & Legal Background


New Mobility. Options and Framworks

Isabella Grahsl, Senior Principal Digital Transformation / New Mobility, Deutsche Bahn AG, Munich – GERMANY


Open Internet of Mobility Marketplace

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., CEO and cofounder of Iomob, Barcelona – SPAIN


The Parking Revolution 1.0

Frank Beckmann, Consulting Partner at ParkenPropertyPartner, Berlin – GERMANY


The Paradox of Traffic Management

Sebastian Heise, COO Graphmasters GmbH, Hannover – GERMANY


Coffee, Talk & Exhibition


Casablanca – MOROCCO

Mr. Mustapha Chaoune, General Sectretary of the Democratic Oganization of Tranport & Logistics, Casablanca – MOROCCO


How On-Demand Mobility can help solve Public Transit‘s First-Last Mile Problem

Mr. Lukas Foljanty, Senior Smart City Manager, moovel Group GmbH, Berlin – GERMANY


Investments and Urban Governance

Antonio Cantalapiedra, Founder@Woonivers (Fintech Startup), Madrid – SPAIN


Panel Discussion: Investments and Developements in Mobility

Michael Abraham, ZTG (Center for Technology and Society) at TU-Berlin, Berlin – GERMANY


Lunch, Talk & Exhibition


Space Management

Dr. Florinda Boschetti, Senior Project Manager, Polis Network, Brussels – BELGIUM


Urban Governance and Transition 

Dr. Gabriele Wendorf, ZTG (Center for Technology and Society) at TU-Berlin, Berlin – GERMANY


Vehicle Show, Experiencing The Drivery


Coffee, Talk & Exhibition


Dialogue Sessions (partly parallel, 90 min. each): Moderated sessions discussing main problems, hurdles and barriers to overcome, possible and/or successful solutions and experiences about:

  • 2nd Berlin Mobility Talk: Electromobility in Berlin; Charging, Smal Vehicles, Last Mile Distribution
  • The Paradox of Traffic Management (experts: Graphmasters GmbH)
  • Open Data Ecosystem in Mobility (experts: The Drivery)
  • Legal Aspects & Transistion


Drinks, Talk & Exhibition


Leisure Time

Saturday, November 16th


Session Day III

  • Mobility Solutions
  • Start-Up Ceremony
  • Wrap-Up of the UMD 2019

Gyroscopically Stabilized Monocaps on Rural Railways

Thorsten Försterling, Landeseisenbahn Lippe e.V., Extertal-Bösingfeld – GERMANY

The Development of Synchrotrains

Uwe Stahn, Synchrotrain, Berlin – GERMANY

Accelerating Urban Tech Innovation in Europe

Jonas Schorr, Co-Founder Urban Impact, Berlin – GERMANY

Loadster – A Cargo Bike Revolution

Sven Kindervater, CMO citkar GmbH, Berlin – GERMANY


Coffee, Talk & Exhibition


Carré Mobility – The Answer to our (Sub)urban Mobility Struggle

Franziska Weiser, Founder and CEO of Carré Mobility UG, Frankfurt – GERMANY

Mobility of Goods as a concept for Sustainability

Luca Silipo, Founder of GEODIS World Lab, Berlin – GERMANY

New Mobility Berlin – A Joint Project for Reregistering Individual Cars

Carolin Schröder, TU-Berlin – GERMANY & Rolf Mienkus, UG, Berlin – GERMANY

Drones for the Last Mile Delivery

Julien Moigno, HDrones, Paris – FRANCE

Talk about the “forgotten traffic” in Rural Areas


Finger Food & Exhibition


Closing Ceremony