2nd International Urban Mobility Dialogue

13th – 16th  of November 2019

The Drivery, Berlin, GERMANY

Our first and immediate responsibility is always been to deliver an amazing event to our partners, speakers, guests and the whole UMD community. After the success of the 1st UMD the next issue in 2019 will again  be an important intellectual gathering of cities and leading experts in the field of mobility as well as a special opportunity for your successful professional advancement.

This year the UMD is held under the patronage of Berlin’s Governing Major Mr. Michael Müller.



Far beyond of standard event shapes the UMD creates a very special and familiar atmosphere, where governmental representatives, businessmen, academicians and public activists can develop unusual thoughts, discuss controversial opinions and constitute new creative development steps together. Leaving business role-playing behind, acting more as important particles of an urban organism, UMD experts bring in their different views, positions and intentions in a novel way. The UMD enables the various stakeholders in Urban Mobility to achieve new understandings and to create new solution paths for the sustainable future of mobility, and UMD wants and needs each of you for its strategic lab. Next to amazing presentations and descriptions of real life scenarios, the UMD’s new discussion formats and social interactions will pave the ground for 4 days of collaborative thinking and future acting.

If you have any hot topic, that you think should be discussed at the UMD19 or if you have any suggestions or ideas for speakers & partners for the 2019 edition, we would love to hear from you. 



Cities attending


Mobility Experts

Start-ups & Businesses

City Officials

Researchers & Academia

Citizen Initiatives & NGOs

Watch the video summary of the last UMD!

What participants & partners say about UMD

“I am very fortunate to be here, and I wish so much that I can bring my entire community of leaders, business leaders and elective officials to also interact with these cultures and these people…”

Tina Quigley

General Manager, Regional Transport Commission of Southern Nevada

“Great conference!”

Tony Ho

VP Global Business Development, Segway

“Thank u @scdialogues 4 very inspirational & knowledge packed days! #mobility #berlin #smartcity @BerlinPartner @zukunftmobil @GermanMobility – at Kalkscheune“

Larissa Zeichhardt

CEO, LAT Funkanlagen-Service GmbH

“Indeed a wonderful, humble and intimate event that was well worth being a part of. Hats off to the Academus team and thanks to all participants – it has been a pleasure and I look forward to being back next year.”

Ariel Sella

Partner, Creion Ventures

Time until UMD 2019 kicks off!