Evgenii Vorobev

Evgenii Vorobev

Evgenii Vorobev, Russia

City Representative

Evgenii Vorobev graduated with excellent marks from the Saint-Petersburg State Architectural-Constructional University with a specialization in “Traffic management” and started his career in the State establishment “Saint-Petersburg traffic management direction”. Since 2008 Mr. Vorobev has been working in the Saint-Petersburg Transport Infrastructure Development Committee and in 2013 he has become a head of traffic management department in the Committee.

The main responsibilities of the Committee are:

  • Realization of the state policy in the field of traffic management in Saint-Petersburg,
  • Control and coordination of the Saint-Petersburg State establishment “Saint-Petersburg traffic management direction”,

Traffic management within Saint-Petersburg urban infrastructure; mobility schemes’ development, dedicated to the traffic safety, enlargement of the road capacities and environmental improvement in Saint-Petersburg, using the tools of reconstruction, modernization, traffic objects’ renovation, including technical units for traffic and logistics.

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