LuxMobility is a young company (founded in 2013) with a solid background. It is an ambitious privately owned organisation based in Luxembourg. The permanent staff of LuxMobility consists of 4 senior consultants that have a vast experience in the field of Mobility, Traffic and Transport as well as in Education and Training in these areas. The basis of the company finds its origin in DTV Consultants, a leading consultancy firm in traffic, transport and education in the Netherlands.

LuxMobility has the mission to become a leading international operating consultancy within the field of Mobility and Sustainable Transport. LuxMobility aims to play a major role in providing solutions for the growing mobility problems in cities worldwide.

LuxMobility operates as a network organisation. The abovementioned core staff of the company is extended whenever necessary with a number of dedicated Associated Consultants. These consultants have their own field of expertise and experience and will be appointed depending on the subject of the project. Working is this manner makes LuxMobility very flexible and suited for many different projects, which is one of its core strengths. In a way, LuxMobility operates as a logical connector between mobility questions and solutions, with the right people for the job.

LuxMobility is producing knowledge, solutions and consultancy for mobility challenges in the urban environment. LuxMobility specializes in the following themes:

  • Project management (including financial management) of large international consortia and projects
  • Mobility and mobility management, including human behaviour
  • Public Transport
  • ITS and traffic management
  • Traffic planning
  • Traffic safety
  • Traffic modelling, including traffic simulation (Macro and micro modelling)
  • Cycling
  • Policy studies