Florinda Boschetti

Florinda Boschetti

Dr. Florinda Boschetti

Florinda Boschetti is a city planner (MSc in Urban, Environmental and Regional Planning from Polytechnic University of Milan, 2001) and earned a Ph.D. in sustainable transport planning in 2009 from University of Brescia, Italy. Her field of expertise is health in transport through walking and cycling, and designing liveable cities.

She is Senior Project Manager at the Polis Network secretariat in Brussels, a network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport since 1989, where she’s coordinating Polis working groups on Environment and Health in Transport, and Bikeshare and Micro-mobility.

Florinda is assisting European local authorities and regions in the frame of European co-funded projects with their strategic mobility plans and projects in active mobility and air quality, electromobility and smart grids, transport automation, spatial planning and urban health. She is also the coordinator and programme manager of 6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans organised by the European Commission and the Eltis platform in Gronigen on 17-18 June 2019.

On behalf of Polis and its members, Florinda is acting as Focal point of UNECE-WHO’s Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP), and is a member of THE PEP Partnership on Health economic assessment tool (HEAT) for walking and cycling, and THE PEP Partnership on the Integration of Transport, Health and Environmental Objectives into Urban and Spatial Planning (co-leaders: Russian Federation and France).

Florinda has over 15 years’ experience working in the field across academia, the public sector and network organisationsand liaising with public officials, national and international stakeholders. Before moving to Brussels 10 years ago, she has worked as an urban planner in the public sector in Italy.