Saint Petersburg, Russia

In 2017 represented by: Mr. Evgenii Vorobev, Head of traffic management department in the Saint-Petersburg Transport Infrastructure Development Committee, Saint Petersburg

In 2019 represented by: t.b.a.

Presently the transport system of St. Petersburg is being actively developed, the large-scale projects, being implemented in the city, are complementing historical St. Petersburg with projection into the future, to the 21st century. This reefers to a traffic junctions at the intersection of Pulkovskoe sh. and Dunaisky pr., the Western High-Speed Diameter with its numerous bridges and overpasses, the Makarov embankment, the foot and transport bridge in the alignment of Yakhtennaya ul., the driveway along the southern bank of the Obvodny Canal with a traffic junction at the intersection with Obukhovskoy Oborony pr., the bridge spanning the Malaya Neva in the vicinity of Serny Island and many other facilities.

The development of transport infrastructure, including the metro and the express tram, organizing transfer hubs and ensuring comfortable passenger transportation are considered the top-priority tasks for the city’s development.

The annual budget investments in the sector, made within the Targeted Investment Program, grown over the past five years from 20 billion rubles, in 2013, to 41 billion rubles, in 2017.

Road-building and bridge-building companies, working at the city’s facilities, are introducing advanced materials and innovative technologies, allowing to extend the service life of facilities and reduce the operating costs.

The state authorities are actively attracting investors for projects on constructing the facilities of the transport infrastructure.

There was an agreement signed between Saint Petersburg City Administration and Eurasian Development Bank at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum SPIEF’17 on investing at least 150 billion rubles in constructing the Latitudinal Highway with the bridge spanning the Neva River in the alignment of Fayansovaya ul. and Zolnaya ul. A similar agreement, worth 110 billion rubles, was signed with VTB Capital Bank.

In 2017 the country’s first private tram will take the route in Krasnogvardeysky district of St. Petersburg after the tramway system is reconstructed and engineered.

The attraction of investments on the basis of the Public-Private Partnership and concession provides the great opportunities for the development of the transport system of the Northern Capital.

Amid the tasks, the industry is facing, professional skills of workforce and competence of management are crucially important. All of us, members of Saint Petersburg City Administration and Committee for St. Petersburg Transport Infrastructure Development, industry players, city’s residents, working together will bring the quality of the transport infrastructure of St. Petersburg into compliance with European and world standards.