Pascal Roux

Pascal Roux

Pascal Roux

President of MDP Consulting

After securing the function of Business Engineer, he managed multiple medium-size companies always with the overall objective of a distinction and an organizational innovation in companies. In 2010, Pascal acquired MDP Consulting and became its President. He brings all his passion to confirm the uniqueness of the Cabinet and to bring its customers the assurance of special consideration and professional. He anchors the complementary components of competence Tourism Engineering and Urban Planning.

In 2011, MDP became an Affiliate Member of the World Tourism Organization. MDP Consulting has now an international dimension and reputation allowing the firm to broaden its thinking.

Tourism economies make the territories to grow with their own rooted features. Pascal’s passion is to reveal and enhance those ones.

Urban organizations are the bed of so many challenges for the ability of humans to be able to live in sustainable and smart surroundings… Merging his alpine style of flying via cable cars, and his vision of planning out of the box, Pascal travels the world to design and promote the way to investigate the 3rd dimension and take a ride of cable propelled transit solution to smartly over cross any mobility issues.

Pascal is regularly invited to participate in lectures, workshops and conferences throughout the world with a focus on innovation planning, and how organizations and ideas impact destinations. Also, he makes sustainability and strategic prospective a key topic of his talks.

Pascal has worked throughout the world cities and destinations. He understands multicultural views and models. He is a native French and speaks English.